Late Dr. Subrata Bhattacharya, D.Sc. (Cambridge), D.Lit (Harvard) (07.10.1946 - 23.05.2021)

Founder Chairman

Dear Friends,

Beginningin 1996, today Sudhir Memorial Institute has become a premier English Medium, Co-Educational, Senior Secondary School. It is located amdist the nature and supported by 2500 students, 90 qualified, experienced, and trained teachers as well as 36 non-teaching staff with all modern amenities like Library, Laboratories, Auditorium Swimming Pool. Basketball Court, Playground, Canteen, School Bus, and Hostels for boys and girls at easy affordable price.

Students are encouraged to grow morally, intellectually, physically and socially by forming the habits of basic virtue like honesty, dedication, hard-work, excellence in academic and non-academic activities, health-care, concern for others, and by cultivation of culture and aesthetic values, which forms the basic of Bharatiya Siksha and in turn, commands the respect of the world.

SMI has also set up a Montessori School with Daycare under most modern technique of London preschool system and is going to set up B.Ed. and Nursing College as well as Romalinda Multispeciality Hospital & Research Centre in very near future.
SMI is today concentrating at its best to set up a concept called "KG to PG" where the guardian remains rest assured that once in SMI the ward can complete his/her overall career in education.
Over the years, as I roamed through the pages of learning and teaching from Cambridge to Harvard and from the distant past into near future, I am still going on on searching a pure serene of a full-fledged institute with a long-lasting agony for not being able to disapprove a long-standing misconception in this ever-changing wonderous world we live in.
Once again, I would request your attention in this great task to kindle your enthusiasm in the adventure for making a full man so that our Dharma becomes the three fold aspects, regardless of any form and doctrine, which are Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram-Truth, Love, and Beauty.


Dear Friends,

22 years ago my father started to create, what he dream of his dreams were mostly influenced by my grandfather and his ideals (Sudhir Chandra Bhattacharya), who left government employment to work in a small in Gustiyanear Badu, Madhyamgram. And the effect is what stand today, tall and high, and written in golden letters
"Sudhir Memorial Institute"

My father always said "We can create the dream, but to live it we need to support of the four pillars". I always used to wonder what are these four pillars. While working for the school I understood the four pillars. They are the Students, Parents, Guardians, Teachers and not the least the peoples working for the school other then academics. I understood he meant to tell if any of the four pillars do support the school it can never work the way it should and would hamper the way to better schooling.

Mr. Suman Bhattacharya


With passing time I started to come in close contact with the school. as my father instructed me to look after the development of the school. He would say, "young brains are sharp and creative. So bring what's new". While working for the school I gained lot of knowledge about its functioning. I learned the four pillars does truly support the school and its working but it does not support the management.
" Sometimes to collapse the management accomplishment or curb their decision making, the pillars frighten to remove their support. But they fail to realize, by removing the support they discomfort the other three pillars and not the management. And a by every other ways all the pillars are related. so if they stress others they unease the position of their ownself. "

Mr. Palash Kumar Saha



Dear Friends,

S.M.I. - Sudhir Memorial Institute: The Name has become an icon in the field of education here in this part of Kolkata.

We are exceptional. Why ?
The innovative idea of the management, stringent practice of discipline, comprehensive evaluation, observation and correction of student's education and behavior, a strong vigil on teachers' activities have made us different.

We are different. Why ?
The resourceful teachers, most enterprising and generous management, dedicated staffs, brilliant and extra-ordinary students are the foundation of the school.

Guardians are proud about our school. Why?
A perfect and ideal environment of education is sustained here. We take great care of care of each and every student and keep individual attention on their educational, cultural, behavioral and creative development. As well built Auditorium, plenty of digital class rooms to impart better education, CCTV for constant observation, cozy and well ventilated classrooms have made this school ideal place for education.
We ensure quality education. How?
We keep Persistent observation of students' academic development. we emphasis and foster the creativity in them. we develop an average student to be one of the toppers. we are determined to make a difference.